TMS Group UK Ltd

About Us

TMS have worked tirelessly to create their unique earnings related concept. Our contract for services has been created and tested with the assistance of an advisory team made up of renowned International Professional Companies/LLP'S of the very highest calibre.

Whilst this format is familiar and common practice in the US and Australia, TMS initially launched this arrangement to the UK property industry in 2008 which proved popular with estate agents, property consultants, surveyors & letting agents as a compliant and efficient way to engage their negotiators and consultants.

The TMS concept has since developed into the recruitment sector, motor trade, financial services and other industries with a sales and commission focused pay structure.

At TMS, our mission is to continue to efficiently facilitate diverse methods of empowerment and professionally disseminate performance based deliverables to meet our customer's needs.

  • TMS are providers of Employment Cost Solutions for professionals remunerated by way of commission or bonus.

  • TMS is a private company based in North West London

  • TMS has been formulating its model since 2007 and has created its unique concept in alliance with BDO LLP (the world's 5th largest accountancy partnership) and BLP LLP (a leading UK law practice with specialist employment lawyers)