TMS Group UK Ltd

Independent Consultant 'TLC' Package

The TMS ‘TLC’ package for you, the consultant, is fundamental to our business model and success. Over 90% of employees making the conversion to a consultant will not know where to start. This is where we take over and fill the gap left.

The ‘TLC’ package starts even before you sign up. Our expert members of staff sit down with you and diligently go through the processes, benefits and statutory requirements involved with this process. Our compliance officers happily field calls from you on all matters giving you cause for concern.

Our compliance officers provide you with the required forms to register as self employed and to register to pay Class II National Insurance. We also give detailed information about ‘allowable expenses’ as produced by HMRC. As every accountant differs in their opinion of what is allowable we take a neutral line on this and therefore only provide the guidance from HMRC to follow.

As part of our service TMS provide you with a chartered accountant to act on your behalf to deal with your self assessment and other personal tax affairs.

TMS’ compliance officers pledge to call you every month. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions, discuss issues and feedback information we require. We use these calls as an opportunity to remind you of the need to keep all receipts, ask about holidays you’re planning and tell you about interest rates available for your tax money.